Don't Tease The Dragon 


Don't Tease The Dragon - Teaser


'Replay' Getting Lots of Attention Online

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who made my 1st single 'Replay' #1 on Reverbnation Montreal charts, #2 in Canada! In addition, the song made it on the Top 40 on the International Pop Charts!!!Yeahhhh!

Get your Free Mp3 here:







Breaking Christmas News!

Merry Christmas:) Joyeux Noel:) Gezuar Krishtlindjet:)Buon Natale:) Feliz Nevidad:) Kala Xristouyena:)

Breaking News: my song 'Replay' made it to #1 on Montreal Reverbnation charts  today! And it jumped from #75 to #8 in Canada! All of this on Christmas Day:) I'm giving it away...1 click away:

I hope it puts a smile on your face..

Cheers! (with red wine;)


'White Rider'- New Song by Suela, Free Download

I hope you enjoy my new Christmas song 'White Rider'. It's a sincere 'Thank You' from me to you for your support  this year. Happy Holidays!






FREE Download: My New Single 'Replay'

Holiday Spirit is all around us, accompanied by that unique, yet known silence of snow falling, glittery lights everywhere you go and the usual chit-chats on how tiired we are from Xmas parties and how and when to get rid of those extra lbs  ;)

Speaking of Holidays: I have a SURPRISE coming up later on this evening. But before that another SURPRISE...FREE Download…my new single 'Replay' it is:

I want to thank you all of you for your ongoing support and patience. I can't emphasize how exciting it is to create art that you LOVE and BREATHE every day. Art that you BELIVE IN. Especially when you see IT taking form, shape, personality, having its OWN life:).  How noble is to sincerely dig deep in the subconscious parts of your own soul only to find out there’s an enormous reservoir of hope, light, creativity, and different kind of LOVE inside..a kind of love that no one has ever shown you it’s there and how to bring that out..  And all that passion, emotions, adrenaline rush that comes with it is constantly at war with the other side of the brain and reality: those everyday struggles, e.g. having to change direction and ‘lanes’ 37 times/day to adjust to constant changes, having to work all the time to pay the bills. That takes you away from the natural flow of dream-making (it’s the biggest pain for an artist!!). Working long hours daytime so that I can focus on my music dream at night.. every night. Not having time to even sleep or rest properly and people wondering why you look so damn tiired most of the time. Sacrificing LOTS of my time, energy and personal life to give FULL LIFE to my music project. Or experiencing that moment when you’re sharing honest things with people you want to have around you, only to realize  that they don’t want to hear about your project and journey but only to talk about why their boyfriend of girlfriend didn’t call them when they wanted to be called or pretending they're the 's**t' for things that I sincerely think they shouldn't even think about, let alone talking about them..ay ay ay.

Many of you ask me how do I it..having a daytime job and working full time on my music. Well, it’s f-ing tough!! There are days I am totally numb/burnt out and other days I catch myself doing things that I find funny & ridiculous e.g. the other night, I started cooking at midnight after arriving home from the Xmas party at work while doing vocal exercises because a recording session got re-scheduled last minute the next day and got booked for a show..all of this while I was yawning and dying to go to be after a 9-hr work day and the Xmas party.

Here you have it..sigh here..okkayy, on my way to the gym now..breathe in, breathe out..Stay tuned for a big surprise I’m sharing later on today…

Thank YOU for understanding,



I'm # 1 on ReverbNation Pop charts for Montreal!

I'm #2 on the ReverbNation Pop charts for Canada and # 1 for Montreal 

Thank YOU for the ongoing support :)

'Replay' can also be found on iTunes,, CD Baby, Last.FM, and many more.

Thank you for sharing :)






Check out my NEW Single 'Replay' ! Out on iTunes today!

My 1st single 'Replay' from my upcoming album (out in spring 2013) is out on iTunes (in a few more days also on: Amazon, Facebook page, Spotify, here ony my site..). Replay - Single - Suela

I am very excited about this single and the new album. A lot has happened since the launch of my 1st album back in Dec '09. Ups & Downs of life...unexpected twisted things, events, pain, breakthroughs..and I would love to share these experiences with you...

I was happy you be a guest on Mike FM Montreal radio (105.1FM), on Jan 9. Next stop: Concordia radio station: CJLO 1690AM 1st week of February. More details coming up!!


Guest on CKUT Radio Station

Hey All! Here's the link where you can listen live today at 4:30pm EST on CKUT radio, talking about my upcoming album and debuting the first track! (GET EXCITED!) as well as talking about McGill's homecoming event, be sure to tune in ;)





Jazz Soiree- Celebrating Spring..

Thanks again to everyone who came to my last jazz show. After that sold-out show here we are again getting ready for the next jazz soiree on Wed, April 18. Perfect timing to celebrate SPRING in Montreal and.. in our hearts of course :)
Special super menu and improved wine list. Show starts at 7pm. 
No tickets at the door..just my CDs for sale :) 

Look forward to seeing you there! Address: 2070 Peel st. More info on the flyer..



Tears in Her Eyes

I was on my way to a client meeting yesterday pm when I ran into this lady I know from the gym. She stopped me and thanked me for the show I had last Thursday. As I was thanking her back I saw tears in her eyes. I said: 'r u ok?'; and then she opened up... it had always been her dream to become a singer/performer but for whatever reason she stopped pursuing it. She told me she is now married and has 2 adorable kids and that she loves her family so much and that their business is going well.

I said 'So..everything is fine then. Family is so important; you're a lucky girl to have a healthy & tight family'. She replied 'Yes, I family knows about my 'regret' and they're so supportive. But it's inspiring people like you that with that perseverance make people like me re-think their path..'

By then, it was the other person in the conversation who had tears in her eyes …


How about some JAZZ? :-)


World Debut of My New Single 'Reflections' -out on iTunes in late Jan


I'll be a Guest on CBC Radio ONE tomorrow Fri, JAN, 6 2012

Tune in on CBC Radio 1 tomorrow Friday, Jan 6 between 3-6pm EST: I'll be a guest on Montreal's Home Run. I'll be promoting my new single 'Reflections' out on ITunes late January & my upcoming album out in Spring. Tune in..88.5FM or online Click on 'Listen to Radio ONE'.

Last but not least here's my favorite quote from one of my friends (had to share it..): '..I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith & in 2012 I’m marrying my dreams. Happy new year everyone may the smile never leave your beautiful faces...'




Studio Time...


'Fame is Free' Remix

Here's the remix for 'Fame is Free' (aka the Rockband song):


Hope you enjoy it :)


New Remixes Now Available on iTunes, Beatport, and Amazon

Loving this sunny Sun-day ;). Perfect for Miles Moore Downtempo remix. Enjoy it :) 

Now available on iTunes and Beatport along with the other sic beats from Julian Prince, Roy Davis Jr., Viv-Ann from Blond:ish, Miguel Graca, and HNP:




Officially On BEATPORT Baby!! :-)

Hello Ladies & Gents!
Here are the NEWEST HOUSE Remixes of my song 'With You'...!! World-wide release by Mile End Records on BEATPORT!  Proud to have worked with ROY DAVIS JR, JULIAN PRINCE, MIGUEL GRACA, MILES MOORE, HANDGRENADE PIMPS, AND DJ VIV-ANN!!!
More than 1000 Djs around the world have been playing all of these remixes live this summer from Ibiza to Greece, UK, Germany, Australia, US, Brazil,etc :-). The feedback has been BEYOND GREAT so far!! 

My song 'With You' has 'achieved' a lot in the few past days..

Hey Guys! Hope you’re soaking up the sun & enjoying the weekend to the max!

Some great news this week:

1) My song ‘With You’ went from #35 up to #18 in Montreal’s Pop Chart- on Reverbnation. Thank YOU for your ongoing support guys! Truly appreciated!

2) Montreal’s label ‘Mile End’ got some of the best Djs from North America: Roy Davis Jr, Miguel Graca, Miles Moore, Julian Prince, Handgrenade Pimps, and Dj Viv-Ann to work on some AMAZING house remixes  based  on my song ‘With You’. Soon available on BeatPort and currently all remixes being played by Djs around the globe:  UK, Greece, Italy, Netherlands,Germany, Ibiza, Chicago, Miami, and plenty more. The feedback so far: WOW! Beyond GREAT..I’m speechless!!!

3) Speaking of ‘With You’:  just pitched the song to a Canadian TV Show on far so good..

More updates to follow this week..